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We at X3groups are always in search of men and women who recognize the value of leadership and are passionate about helping others, especially in the area of sexual addiction.

Being an X3group leader requires about 90 minutes of time a week. Leaders must be able to commit to leading a group one day at the same time every week. Groups are capped at 10-12 individuals and group leaders are paid based upon the size of the group.

In a FULL group scenario you can expect to receive about $150-$180 per month.

If you would like to join the X3group leadership team please complete the application below and someone will be in contact with you very soon.

This experience will be amazing. Many on our leadership team have often expressed the tremendous value this opportunity has personally afforded them.

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Paul Lavergne

Paul Lavergne

Professional Sexual Addictions Counselor / X3group Men's Leader

"Leading an X3 group has been an amazing experience! Sharing the trials and tribulations of recovery with other men, and seeing positive , lasting changes in people's lives has been incredibly rewarding and worth every minute of my time spent!"

Mandy Jean Ingram

Mandy Jean Ingram

Pastor / Pennington First Assembly of God and X3group Women's Leader

"There is something absolutely beautiful about seeing people find recovery, freedom and redemption; leading an X3 Group has solidified both my own recovery from years ago and shown me that no matter how "in deep" someone finds their self, they can absolutely find restoration!"

Russ Cantu

Russ Cantu

Lead Pastor / Catalyst Church and Men's X3group Leader

"Where else can you gather a bunch of guys all over the world, share the real you, and see people transformed by Jesus right before your eyes? Only here at X3groups."


  • 90 minutes of your time a week
  • Lead 10-12 men or women in a weekly small group.
  • Get paid up to $180 per month for you time as our way of saying “thank you.”
  • Change someone’s life forever.