$30 for 30 days

Same day, Same time, Every week.

We are real people available to you online.

Honest, Confidential and Professional.

Each group is lead by a trained and equipped team member.

If you struggle with porn addiction or sex addiction, X3groups can be a powerful part of your transformation. We offer private, online small groups for accountability, support, and practical next steps. These groups not only help in your journey out of pornography addiction, but can also complement your work in groups like SLAA, Every Man’s Battle, or Celebrate Recovery. Click here to learn more and find a group that works for you.


  • icon10 people per group maximum
  • iconLead by one of our trained and equipped team members
  • icon1 hour each week
  • iconSame day, same time, every week.
  • iconVia group video web meeting (laptop, desktop, iPhone or call in)
  • iconHonesty, life-giving accountability, practical steps, knowledgeable leadership and prayer.
  • iconAccess to our private and exclusive social network for X3group members.

  1. iconWeekly meetings with secure log in via phone, laptop or smartphone
  2. iconGroup is led by trained individual who accepts and supports you
  3. iconShare with and encourage others journeying through the same issues
  4. iconWalk through simple but probing questions that will help you unpack what’s going on in your life
  5. iconSign off with a renewed sense of purpose and courage for the road ahead

What People are saying

I like the group because it's a place of grace and mercy. I don't feel judged and I feel like I can be myself. Also the extra accountability is great as well.
The X3groups has been such a great help in this journey of breaking the habit of sex addiction; its been the push I needed and helped me understand so many thing like we are not designed to do this alone. It has also shown me that there is a lot of material available to educate ourselves and pass to others. Thanks.
I like the group because it help me to open up. I tend to hold in all the shame and anger I have, the group has really helped me. It's good to know I'm not alone.
The group has been an incredible source of grace for me. The people and the structure has been pivotal and crucial to my sobriety. It has enabled me to live freely in the rest and grace of God, no longer labored and vexed by the weight of this sin. Now overcoming has given me new perspective and new hope for what's in store.