X3groups are online small groups for men or women that meet at the same time every week. These groups are led by trained men and women who will help you find freedom, accountability and community.



We have taken a big website XXXchurch.com and made it really small. We reach hundreds of thousands of people each month online but this is our favorite part. Find people who really want freedom from porn and sex addiction and work each week with them. We call X3groups a journey because the men and women entering these groups are on a path to freedom.

  • Freedom from porn addiction.
  • Freedom from pain.
  • Freedom from guilt and shame.

Something magical happens when a small group of people journey together and start to experience this freedom together. We currently have over 80 online small groups that meet on every day of the week, so you can find a group that fits your schedule. There is no year long commitment and you can cancel at any point. Chances are you have tried a number of things, but have you tried something that is going to connect you with real people?


We have groups for:

  • Men struggling with pornography and sexual temptations.
  • Women struggling with pornography and sexual temptations.
  • Pastors struggling with pornography and sexual temptations.
  • Wives trying to understand and cope with their husbands addiction.





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1 hour each week

Lead by one of our trained and equipped team members

10 people per group maximum

Access to our private and exclusive social network for X3group members.

Honesty, life-giving accountability, practical steps, knowledgeable leadership and prayer.

Via group video web meeting (laptop, desktop, iPhone or call in)

Same day, same time, every week.


Share with and encourage others journeying through the same issues

Group is led by trained individual who accepts and supports you

Weekly meetings with secure log in via phone, laptop or smartphone

Sign off with a renewed sense of purpose and courage for the road ahead

Walk through simple but probing questions that will help you unpack what’s going on in your life


We are real people available to you online.

Our online small groups are led by trained and equipped team members
who want to help you find freedom from porn.


This is a "lifeline" for me. Thank you.

Our group is a band of brothers

The group has been just awesome. It's been quite a transformational experience for me.

Awesome awesome ... Thank you sooo very much. God is great

Thanks very much for providing this ministry to us. This has been a HUGE answer to prayer for me. Keep up the valuable work!!!

The group accountability helps me every week. Also it is encouraging to hang out with others on the same kind of journey.

I love my x3group. They are just what I needed in my journey to recovery. Loneliness and a lack of friends are a huge dynamic of my life right now and they have been there for me along the way.

I would like to thank you for the work that you have helped accomplish in my life. Thanks to God's grace and your program, I have been sober from pornography for over 2 years!

I feel like being part of an X3Group has given me the courage to face the deeper issues surrounding my pornography use so real healing could occur.

This is the first time in many years that I feel like I am not just hanging on by my fingernails but I have a safety net that doesn't just catch me if I fall, but helps keep me from falling in the first place! I should have done this a long time ago!

I am in the best mental state that I've ever been in when it comes to my porn use.

I needed help, you guys provided it and I am very thankful!